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Youth Conditioning & Fundamentals (YCF) Program

It's a Time to LEARN and a TIme to PLAY HARD!
Our goal is to educate and expose the student/athlete to a wide range of various levels of conditioning, concepts, fundamentals, and situations regarding both fitness and basketball.  In order to be successful as a team, we need to rely on a fundamental style of basketball. ​​
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Meet Our Coaches

"I've coached for over 20 years for all ages girls and boys winning numerous of games and championships during my tenure."
by Coach Kevin Wilbon

Coach Kevin Wilbon has over 24 years of experience as a head coach and assistant coach in the sport of basketball.  He has coached boys and girls from 5 to 17 years old!  Boys and Girls High School Varsity Basketball Coach for over 15 years.  NHFS certified, AAU certified, NYSCA level 1,2,3 & 4 certified.  He officiated high school basketball games from Freshman thru Varsity boys and girls, as a member of the International Athletic Association Board Officials (IAABO) Board # 34, and the Virginia High School League Officials Association, officiating over 100 High School basketball games in the state of Maryland and Virginia.

Kevin has coached basketball at Odenton Christian Academy, Friendnly HS, Westlake High School, Northpoint High School, and Thomas Stone High School.  Kevin has coached basketball at Joint Base Headquarters Bolling Anacostia as well as Fort Meade Air Force Base Youth Centers.

* AAU Basketball Double-Goal Certified Level 3
* NYSCA Basketball Certified Coach Level 4
* NFHS (National Federation High School) Certified Coach
* Positive Coaching Alliance, Double-Goal Certified Level 1, 2, & 3
* American Academy of CPR & First Aid INC ​

"My motto is "How Bad Do You Want to CHANGE?" and once you answer that question, then we got work to do!  
by Master Trainer John Wright

 Master Trainer John Wright has over 30 years in the fitness industry and the cofounder of ABC Fitness Connection located in Waldorf, Maryland.  He has helped both boys and girls over the years to achieve their conditioning goals rather it was preparing for military basic training, sports scholarship in college, or conditioning for sports. He has a passion for all aspects of wellness, so this is not your typical Youth Conditioning & Fundamentals Program because we are educating about overall wellness!   We are striving to prevent premature sports injuries in our youth.
 John has over 23 years of military experience with three (3) combat tours overseas.  He has trained as a certified trainer with the National Arthritis Foundation.  For over 7 years, he has provided functional training, flexibility, and rotational training for people with variations of physical and mental challenges. 
* Ceritifed Personal Trainer​
* CPR & First Aid Certified ​

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Registration: June 7 and 8 @ 6pm -8pm
    Location: ABC Fitness Connection
Program Starts: June 14-July 19, 2018

Registration: July 26 and 27 @ 6pm - 8pm
    Location: ABC Fitness Connection
Program Starts: August 1 - 16, 2018
    Two Sessions Held | Per Week

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About the YCF Program
Youth Conditioning & Fundamentals (YCF) Program distiguses the  difference between being in shape and being in basketball shape.  A simple treadmill run, bike ride, or swim will not prepare the body for the fast-paced demands of the basketball season. 

To be ready for the first day of tryouts or practice, and to maximize performance, you need an off-season conditioning routine two days a week, followed by on-court basketball conditioning.

Traditional warm-up and cool-down stretching exercises have been a standard routine in competitive and recreational sports.  The utility of these exercises has been extensively studied, but findings are inconclusive.  

Several recent injury prevention studies have focused on preseason and in-season neuromuscular training, proprioceptive training, and sport-specific skill interventions.  Many of these studies have shown beneficial effect with regards to conditioning leading to increased injury prevention.

The Purpose of the YCF Program

YCF is a six (6) session program that focuses of two elements of being GREAT on the basketball court: conditioning and fundamentals.  The first 1-4 sessions are focused these elements before the palyers play with the basketball court.  To effectively develop conditioned basketball players, YCF Program must first know the sport’s energy demands.  We speak in detail about this in my previous post on conditioning mistakes, but we can summarize by saying basketball is composed of the following:

Basketball has short activity bouts that require force and power (alactic-anaerobic) interspersed with jogging, walking, and rest periods (aerobic). This design means basketball is classified as an alactic-aerobic sport.

Given the above demands, 75% of a basketball player’s playing time is spent at heart rates greater than 85% of the heart’s maximum value.

Ankles, Knees, Hips (Sprains - Tears - Tendonitis)

    -  Weak hamstrings and glutes
    -  Poor proprioception and balance
    -  Poor mobility in big toe- achillies- hamstrings- hip flexors- piriformisand Lats
    -  Fatigue, Joint pain, and Poor Movement Mechanics

Given these qualities, a well-conditioned basketball player must succeed at the three following categories:
  - General Endurance
  - Explosive Repeatability
  - Intensity Sustenance
  - Fatigue, Joint pain
  - Poor Movement Mechanics

What to Expect from the YCF Program

Improve Your Ball handling
Considerable time will be spent on dribbling and passing skills -- YCF Program will show you how to reduce turnovers, handle any game situation, improve decision making, and improve overall ball handling skill.

Improve Your 1on1 Moves
The children will learn how to beat their defender off the dribble, when to attack, how to create space, and how to develop a more explosive first move.  In today's game, so many players misuse the dribble.  They use it and lose their advantage against the defense.  They'll will learn how to effectively use the dribble and cover more space with fewer dribbles at a faster pace.

Improve Confidence
During the YCF Program, Coach Wilbon will teach the mental aspects of the game, help them build confidence, and become more aggressive.  They'll learn how to train their mind not just physical skills.

Improve Decision Making
A major emphasis of the YCF Program will be to improve decision making using proven methods.  The children will improve their ability to think and act in decisive ways.  The unique decision making drills and skills will help them perform under pressure at the highest level.

Improve Shooting
Shooting is a critical skill to be an effective player.  They'll learn Coach Wilbon's keys to effective shooting and experience a variety of shooting drills to help thm to improve accuracy and ability to score points.

Become More Aggressive
One of the biggest benefits to the YCF Program is the development of a confident attacking mindset.  The drills, tools, and knowledge they'll receive at the YCF Program will help them to become more aggressive and assertive in games.

Improve Speed & Agility
Throughout the YCF Program, MAster Trainer John will integrate speed and agility drills to help to improve defense, first step, and overall agility.

Finishing Moves
With a ball in their hands throughout most of the YCF Program, the children will get opportunities to improve their finishing moves and ability to finish at the basket.  They'll learn what to do with the ball after they beat their defender and how to score more points.

Overall, our participants in the YCF Program will leave with a better sense of self and a better understanding of what it takes to be successful in basketball and, in turn, every aspect of life.  We will address technical, tactical and applied aspects of basketball that will help a player develop their game beyond the level they are currently at.

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